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Tight-fisted, mean-spirited, money-grabbing Scrooge wasn’t put off by the lockdown. In fact, he’s rather enjoying the isolation away from festivities and noise and needs of others. Truestory could only have one actor in 2020, so we created a special version of our show where he takes on all the roles, on his own, ghosts and all. Could he bring himself redemption? How do you even have a one-person snowball fight?!

This season, whilst the show might not look the same as before, we hoped we could spread just a little Christmas cheer nevertheless.

16-30 December, two shows daily (run cancelled 24 Dec due to new Covid restrictions)

Written and performed by Gary Sefton | Directed by Stuart Angell

"Let there be no doubt, this year’s reworked A Christmas Carol might be very different from before, but it’s an expertly crafted tour de force that will delight, fright and astonish in equal measures."

☆☆☆☆☆ Broadway Baby

Photography: Rosie Powell

Film: Jake Sefton _Jakesefton


In order to stage a show during a pandemic, we completed extensive planning with specialist risk assessors and secured the See It Safely mark from the Society of UK Theatres.

What’s was different for 2020?

  • LIMITED SEATS in order to host you safely, we have reduced tickets to less than 25% of our usual capacity

  • DISTANCED SEATS - book in your household/support bubble only (tickets available for groups of 2, 3, 4 or 6) so we can sit each group 2m away from each other. You must arrive together.

  • YOU MUST WEAR A FACE COVERING throughout the venue. This also means we won’t be offering hot drinks or snacks, nor can you bring any in the venue.

  • FLEXIBLE REFUNDS – should your party not be able to attend due to isolating you can cancel your tickets up to 24 hours before the show


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